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Marine Warranty Surveying (MWS) Services

MAC offers Marine Warranty Surveying (MWS) and third-party verification services on a vast range of marine, offshore and renewable projects.

MAC prides itself on having a great depth of experience through its people, providing tailored solutions to meet the requirements of our clients and the clients' insurance provider.

MAC provides a service independent from any regulatory authority, designer, installer or hardware provider, ensuring no conflicts of interest exist.


Working closely with the client, the MAC MWS team will review all operations, ensuring they are properly engineered and planned in line with agreed codes and industry standards; and then executed in accordance with the agreed procedures utilising vessels and equipment suitable for the operation.

Example MWS areas of experience include:

  • Loadouts (including skidded, lifted, float-over and trailered methods)
  • Seafastening
  • Marine Transportation (including barges and all types of self-propelled vessels)
  • Marine Installation (including lifted and float-over methods)
  • Pipelay/umbilical lay/trenching
  • Mooring/station keeping systems
  • FPSO/vessel hook up to field systems
  • Decommissioning
  • Vessel suitability surveys
  • Structural surveys
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA)
  • Third party assessment and analysis
  • Launch, tow and installation of pipeline bundles
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