Maritime Labour Convention 2006-Related Services

MAC offers an extensive range of consultancy and support services in relation to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC) and implementation of Seafarers Employment Agreements (SEAs), including:

  • Dialogue with non-ratifying member flag states to discuss compliance with MLC regulations.
  • Auditing of private seafarer recruitment and placement services for compliance with the regulations of the convention, i.e. certification, documented compliances, etc.
  • Review of offshore staff employment benefits, terms and conditions.
  • Gap analysis for compliance with accommodation regulations, e.g. minimum cabin sizes, provision of natural light in cabins and mess rooms, etc.
  • Audit of medical/dental treatment provisions onboard, including medical services providers.
  • Amendments to existing safety management system documentation to ensure compliance, including development of a 'Maritime Labour Plan' providing guidance to Port State inspectors.
  • Onboard noise/vibration and industrial hygiene surveys to provide evidence of compliance.
  • Creation of a competency assessment scheme for all personnel, particularly catering staff.
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