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Marine Services

Through the combined expertise of our Master Mariners and Marine Engineers, MAC offers operations-based services around marine compliance and safety. In addition, we can provide an extension to our clients' resources as independent client representatives in sensitive operations on- and off-shore.

In conjunction with an engineering team of Naval Architects and Structural Engineers, we can also offer marine assurance services such as checking and approval of loadout, transportation and installation of jackets, structures, modules and integrated decks, towed pipeline bundles and subsea installations.

Examples of the service range include:

  • Marine assurance
  • Safety surveys
  • Suitability surveys
  • Condition surveys
  • Pre-purchase surveys and evaluation
  • Regulatory gap analysis
  • Failure investigation
  • Legal and arbitration expert witness
  • Risk assessments, HAZIDs, HAZOPs, etc.
  • ISM audits and development
  • On/off hire inspections
  • Client representation
  • Consulting and support on the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 and implementation of Seafarers Employment Agreements - full list of MLC-related services
Safeguarding reputation at operational, project, management and corporate levels