About Us

MAC Vision

As a company we present ourselves to our stakeholders in many different ways. The totality of the way we present ourselves is our corporate identity. The identity is expressed through our services, our communications, our physical environment and our behaviour. It allows us to project who we are, what we do, how we do it and our vision for the future of MAC. We are all focused on realising the following vision:


With an experienced team of Master Mariners, Marine, Electrical and Structural Engineers and Naval Architects, our assurance and consulting service capabilities are extensive. Our desire is to be part of the life cycle of the marine asset from the concept stage of a newbuild through to detailed design, providing services during the project, manufacturing and shipyard phases and supporting clients during the asset's operation, maintenance, conversion and life extension.


The culture within MAC is based on empowerment, trust and responsibility which motivates our employees to commit to collectively delivering our business goals. The MAC working environment is built around mutual respect and team behaviours, which is supported by the management's commitment to proactive and regular communications.


MAC continues to recruit and retain the highest quality staff who benefit from our commitment to invest in our people and a rewards package clearly linked to individual and collective contribution. MAC has established best in class business processes which underpin our philosophy of partnering with our staff to deliver the highest quality personal development.

Safeguarding reputation at operational, project, management and corporate levels